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Why you should be Advertising in Newspapers

Some 5 million Australians read seven or more print newspapers every week. ADRIAN FERNANDES shows why advertisers should get excited about these ardent readers.


  • One in four Australians read 7 or more print newspapers a week
  • 45 per cent of this audience spend 60mins or more with newspapers every day
  • They earn $7,400pa more than the national average
  • Daily readers are 12 per cent more likely shop on their local high street; and
  • They spend $2,500 more on a new car than the average buyer

One in four Australians read at least one newspaper every day, according to emma data. These 5 million readers rely on print journalism to provide accurate, balanced and credible reporting.

This highly-engaged audience is an attractive group of consumers and advertisers can target them to lift campaign reach, increase brand engagement and deliver sales.

A Lean-in Experience

Daily readers devote a large amount of time to consuming print journalism. Data reveals that 45 per cent of this audience spend at least 60 minutes every day reading a newspaper. They are fully invested in content, delivering a lean-in quality of engagement that marketers desire.

High earners, top shoppers

Frequent newspaper readers are high earners who love to shop. Readers of 7+ editions who work full time earn an average of $7,400pa more than the average ($87,000 vs. $79,600). They over-index across a range of shopping behaviours. Daily readers are 8 per cent more likely to have visited a department store in the past month and are 12 per cent more likely to have shopped on their local high street.

It’s not just newspapers this audience are fanatical about. They’re obsessed with home improvement, according to emma data. They are 12 per cent more likely to visit a hardware store and 10 per cent more likely to visit a home furnishings shops.

Hey, big spender

They are also heavy spenders across a number of other categories, not just retail. Frequent readers plan to spend an average $31,700 on their next car, $2,500 more than the average budget. When it comes to travel, they are 17 per cent more likely to fly business class domestically and 28 per cent more likely to make a similar choice for international flights.

Real estate companies will find prospective buyers among daily newspaper readers. They are 7 per cent more likely to invest in a second property, be it a holiday home or investment property.

Living social

When they’re not poring over a newspaper, frequent readers are a social bunch. Data shows they are 14 per cent more likely to go to a local pub for a drink, and 8 per cent more likely to go to the movies.

  • Posted21.10.2015